CaffeeCoin WhitePaper

Some of you might be wondering what Caffee stands for, it actually is from the meme Whoah So Thats Coffee then I basically combined the cat and coffee together “Caffee”.
I think a lot of you reading this know what’s dogecoin, we are basically just like it, but a cat, but theres something that is different about us, we don’t just want to be a meme currency for everyone to just buy cause its funny or a joke or a pump and dump. We want to be different from the average coin and token, we want to make a positive impact to the people in this world. The past few years have been rough especially with COVID-19, Global Warming, Animal Extinction, Poverty, Malnourished Children, as if life was not hard enough already.
Therefore, this coin is meant to help the people in the world who are in need, you migh be wondering how in the world is this coin gonna do that. First of all, we are not backed or created by some large corporate company or some government or 3 letter agency, we are backed by the community and how you value us, and Caffeecoin was created by some guy that goes by N.L.C, who’s basically a geek that likes technology, privacy and hopes that one day the internet will be more decentralised and in the hands of the people. So Caffeecoin is not a government honeypot that wants to track all your transactions. Now back to the point, we hope that Caffeecoin reaches 1Billion Dollars in Market Cap, and when that happens the price of each coin will reach $0.02, and when that happens we plan to donate 5Million US dollars or 250,000 CaffeeCoins to charities all around the world to help combat climate change, poverty, malnutrition, animal and child abuse, sickness and human trafficking. 30% of all donations go to the various causes above as well.
On a lighter tone, we would also like to cause a meme fight with the dogecoin and caffeecoin community if caffeecoin ever gains popularity. But what truly gives something value, cause the current currency is worth nothing, it used to be backed by gold, but now its not backed by anything. But what can we do with gold it is practically useless, no offence. Caffeecoins value is the happiness and the impact that it has on peoples lives as we pledge to contribute to causes and Caffeecoin can be used to buy things and is avaibale to everyone in the world who access to internet, and is not controlled by the government or some big corporate company.

What we do will probably be a drop in the ocean but it will still change a decent amount of peoples lives, the climate and help some animals to not go extinct and that will mean that they will have oppurtunities to change the world too as everyone has the ability to change the world and do something with their lives and I think that the people who were not born into wealthy or decent families in terms of wealth does not mean that they are can't do it, it just means that they were not given the chance that we had and I think everyone deserves that oppurtunity to at least have a shot at changing their lives and other peoples lives.

Privacy and Usage
Buying, using and holding CaffeeCoin does not only helps people around the world as it helps raise the price of CaffeeCoin but it also helps with privacy. CaffeeCoin takes Privacy extremely seriously, CaffeeCoin is fully decentralized, Open Source and Community Driven.
CaffeeCoin is a peer to peer digital currency based on the Scrypt Algorithim. It's main usage which is using it to transfer money privately, no big corporation knowing everything you spend your money on, it is also a cooler and more private and faster way to transfer money. CaffeeCoin also does not need any information on the user before you are able to create a CaffeeCoin Wallet which stores all your CaffeeCoins and allows you to send and recieve it and a plus side is when you use it and buy it you are helping our cause to help people. It is not controlled by any big corporation or government which makes it more private and not tracked by anyone. If you dont believe that the source code is on Github and anyone can read it and check it and do tests on it. There is also no filtering and you will be able to send money to anyone and recieve money from anyone, this also means that your transactions cannot get blocked and someone cannot stop you from sending CaffeeCoins to anyone and you can basically send and recieve money to and from anyone without being questioned or being stopped with no filtering as well, which is the way things should be. In this day and age, everyone wants to track you cause your data is basically Gold now and on normal exchanges such as and Binance, they all need your ID and your super personal details, so they will know what you do with the Coins that you have bought and will be able to see whatever you buy, which really defeats the purpose of privacy in cryptocurrency. That is why we will be making an exchange that allows you to contact the seller and buyer and exchange coins via PayPal and other online payments or even Cash and you do not need to put your ID and anything in it you could just make an account or you dont even have to as it is like a platform and there will be no or a very small commission unless you buy it with cash but we will accept donations where 30% of it will be donated to Charity. There are also no backdoors to Government agencies due to the fact that CaffeeCoin is fully decentralized which means that it is not only one server hosting the CaffeeCoin Blockchain which makes it more secure, decentralized and reliable, and they will not be able to take it off the internet unless they shut down the internet.

How it Works
CaffeeCoin uses Blockchain Technology to do transactions. A brief example on how it works. Lets say John wants to send 10000CAF to Billy, the transaction will have to get verified so a miner mines the coin which verifies the transactions and makes a new block which contains the transaction and all the previous transactions from previous blocks and then sends it off to all the nodes that are hosting the CaffeeCoin Blockchain and basically updates the Blockchain with a new block that contains John and Billy's transaction. But on the blockchain there will be nothing but your wallet address which will be a hash that starts with C and does not give any personal data about you except the past transactions. I think one of the most amazing things is that there is no blocking or tracking for all you transactions, so big companies or anyone cannot intefere or stop your transactions or stop who you can send money to or recieve money from and and your account cannot get banned or locked. It is also away from the government and prying eyes so that they cant track you and you can do whatever you want with it.


The CaffeeCoin Foundation

The CaffeeCoin Foundation is a non-profit, that intends to help people around the world and also help with climate change

The CaffeeCoin Foundation