What we want to accomplish

1. We have our very own CRYPTO EXCHANGE coming soon

2. Easier Transaction Experience

3. The CafeeCoin Shop!!

4. We plan to make a decentralised chat app

5. We plan to update the blockchain to make it better for people to deploy smart contracts,
and make the blockchain better and maybe make it a proof of state blockchain

6. We plan to donate US$1000000 when CaffeeCoin reaches 1Billion in market cap to various charities


  • 16th September, 2021

    The Launch of CAFFEECOIN

    The launch of CaffeeCoin was on the 16th of September! CaffeeCoin which is a meme coin is based on the SCRYPT algorithim, which is run by the people, open source, decentralised and secure. Which wants to be friendly and fun for everyone in the world, and is not only limited to certain people, which also wants to promote equality. CaffeeCoin is a fun meme coin, but it also has a purpose, it is to give everyone the oppurtunity to use the internet and to fight global warming.
    Which was launched by 1 person that goes by N.L.C

  • 1st January 2022

    Updates for the Blockchain and a new Shop

    We plan to launch the CaffeeCoin shop by 1st January 2021 and we also want to update the CaffeeCoin Blockchain to make it better where the nodes also get paid and also make the coin last longer where it will create new coins every time 5 blocks is mined

  • 20th may, 2025

    Hopeful Predictions

    We hope to be able to get to 1 Billion dollars in marketcap! Because we pledge to donate US$5Million to various charities for less fortunate people and to let people access the internet, fight global warming and save animals!