Quick Start

This is a Simple Quick Start Guide on how to set up your CaffeeCoin Wallet, send and recieve CaffeeCoins

Step 1. Choose A Wallet

You have to sync with the blockchain in order to use CaffeeCoin. This
will allow you to send and recieve CaffeeCoins. We have created our
very own CaffeeCoin Wallet which is a full wallet, it syncs with the
blockchain by downloading it, providing a sturdy CaffeeCoin Wallet.

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Download CaffeeCoin Wallet

Step 2. Get Some CaffeeCoin!

We recommend buying CaffeeCoin from our crypto exchange that will be come very soon.
You can buy it from a few exchanges or go on to our discord server and trade there.

You Can Also Mine It!

Visit The Mining Page!

When you mine CaffeeCoin you help to verify transactions and make the blockchain more relibale and secure! You will also earn CaffeeCoin when you mine!

Step 3. Buy Something With CaffeeCoin!

You Can Send Anyone CaffeeCoin as it is not censored or filtered, as you can send CaffeeCoin to anyone in the world at anytime without any issues.
No one can stop you sending CaffeeCoin to someone unlike banks
and other centralized things.