CaffeeCoin's Value and Charity

CaffeeCoin does not want to be another coin that has no purpose, we want to have value and purpose.

There are many things that are happening in our Earth, like Climate Change, homelessness, poverty, children who are not fed and animals that are going extinct, and many other things and Covid has not made the situation any easier. Therefore CaffeeCoin is donating 15 Million USD everytime it hits a 1Billion Dollar MarketCap milestone, as we believe that when CaffeeCoin helps people, that is what gives CaffeeCoin true value, the lives that it changes.

I believe that everything needs to have value to be worth something, and a lot of the other cryptocurrencies are not really worth anything. But the value of something is basically what you can do with it or buy something that has value. But what is value, "how much something is worth in money or other goods for which it can be exchanged", quoted from the Oxford Dictionary. I think true value is the happiness and how life changing that thing or things can be to you or someone else. That is why CaffeeCoin's value in terms of money is determined on the supply and demand, while the true value that Caffeecoin truly has, is the joy and happiness it can bring to others. Whenever CaffeeCoin reaches 1Billion Dollars in MarketCap We will Donate 15 Million USD to the Charities listed below for multiple different causes. We believe that when we help more people, then those people will help others and potentially change their lives and other peoples lives positively. As the people we will be donating to are not very fortunate or rich, therefore they know what it feels like to not be privelaged or given basic needs, which will encourage them to do more and help more and possibly change their lives and change the world. As I believe that everyone can change their own lives and the world for the better, it is just whether they have the opputunity and want to. And I believe everyone should have that chance even if they were not born into a rich family and were not given basic needs, I still believe that they can have an impact in this world and possibly make it better, and everyone should have that chance and choice to choose to live how they want to. Around 8,500 children die everyday due to poor nutriton, 1 in 4 children is living in poverty in the world's richest countires. 805 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat, 80% of the world's population lives on the equivalent of less than $10 a day. According to World Bank, 385 million children around the world live in porverty. I think that is terrible, as there are many people in the world who are wasting food and living extravagantly while there are children that do not even have food to eat and are dieing due to malnutriton.