Who Created CaffeeCoin?

CaffeeCoin is created by the same person who created this website ;)

CaffeeCoin is created by N.L.C

How does the CaffeeCoin Blockchain Work?

CaffeeCoin is basically a cryptocurrency like LiteCoin and DogeCoin as we also use the Scrypt Algorithim and the proof of work algorithim and blockcahin technology

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What is the Purpose of CaffeeCoin?

It is to connect everyone in a playful way and also allow everyone to access the currency and is not only limited to certain people, which also wants to promote equality and fairness. We want CaffeeCoin to be the fun currency of the internet!
We also want CaffeeCoin to connect people around the world and allow everyone to access the currency.

One of the main goals of CaffeeCoin is to donate money to the needy and the earth, we want to donate money to preserve the earth and try to help fight global warming. We also want to fight for equality as we want to donate to people who are not as fortunate as others, as we think that people all around the world deserve to have internet connection and basic necessities.

The CaffeeCoin Team

Some of you might be wondering who created CaffeeCoin and why are the websites kinda bad. So here you go!

1. N.L.C (Founder, Creator)

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N.L.C is a 13 year old who created CaffeeCoin and this website. I created this project for various reasons. We all have a right to privacy.
To send money to anyone, anywhere, without being tracked directly or discriminated by our age, race, colour or religion. I want everyone to have the ability to send money securely and privately, with no need for identification to sign up as no one needs to know our identity. We should be able to send money to anyone one we want, with no censorship or discrimination. CaffeeCoin allows us to do that with no censorship, location blocking and with no one being able to stop you from sending money to people. CaffeeCoin is a fast, secure and decentralized currency that also helps the world at the same time. In this world there is a lot of beauty and a lot of ugly. People are treated unfairly and some people don't have enough money to have a roof over their head or have their daily needs fulfilled. CaffeeCoin wants to change this. I want to donate most of the money made by CaffeeCoin to charities all around the world for different causes, helping to stop climate change, Children who do not have daily necessities like food, water and a roof over their head. These are some of the charities that I will be donating to, WWF, UNICEF, OneTreeplanted. Other charities that help with Climate Change, stopping Animal Trafficking and Exticntion, ensuring Animals have a habitat to live in, Starvation, Poverty, Homelessness and etc.


2. Everyone who uses it and contributes